Stop Da Violence - IS IT WORTH IT?!

Stop Da Violence 2013

Stop Da Violence: The Concert 2013

In 2005, Charlotte Polius, was fatally stabbed while attending a friend’s 16th birthday celebration. Following this tragic death, members of 'A Radical Church' on Sebert Road, chose to channel their pain by coming together with one voice to declare amongst their peers “STOP DA VIOLENCE”.



ONE WAY Film - Is here!!

The story of four ordinary lives caught up in a lifestyle of drugs, sex and violence, now featured in a film and being shown in the VUE at WESTFIELDS Olympic park in Stratford on December 8th. Click here to view a preview. For tickets Click here now, as tickets are selling out FAST!!


A promotional Video from Crime Stoppers

If everyone stays silent, then where will the objection to knife crime come from? You have a voice use it and make the Violence STOP NOW! Watch this and make a decision to Stop da Violence now!


Shooting at a Funeral in South London

News of another shooting in South London was brought to us, by the means of a BB pin from a young lady, who had just heard the news via the Blackberry network.

What was shocking is that it was the shooting of a schoolboy who was attending a friends funeral. A friend who had died as a result of a car accident.


Newham ROC!


Have you heard about Redeeming Our Communities? (ROC) No?

Click on this link to find out more!


ONE WAY Film - Coming soon



The Newham based Writeway team have come together to produce a film which tells real life stories about a life of street crime.

Click on the ONEWAY link and view the trailer on youtube.



Knife crime youngsters to face mandatory imprisonment

anti knife message

The Ministry of Justice has announced that there is a new sentencing regime regarding 16 and 17year olds found using or threatening to use a knife. A four-month mandatory custodial sentence for aggravated knife possession and those who are convicted of using a knife or offensive weapon to threaten or endanger will be given a four-month detention and training order.


Samuel Adelagun



Police offer a £20,000 award for information leading to the arrest of the killers of 15 year old Samuel Adelagun

October 2011